Members: Sandra Klack, Markus Rosendal, Sebastian Svensson, Emil Håkansson, Johanna Ajax, Fredrik Dahlberg, Mimmi Gunnarsson, Martina Thyberg, Markus Thyberg, och Marie N´diaye.


The members of the group regularly teach at Chicago Dance Studio, Swedish Swing Society and Swedish Swing Society. They have taught at Herräng Dance Camp and many workshops and camps abroad. They have placements in the following competitions:


Snowball Lindy Hop Strictly 2:nd 2011

Hong Kong Swing Challenge 1:a 2011

Harlem´11 Vilnius Jazz Battle 1:a 2011

Stockholm Lindy Hop Open 1:a 2011

Harlem´10 Vilnius Jack n Jill Lindy hop 1:a, 2:a och 3:dje plats 2010

Harlem´10 Vilnius Jazz Battle 1:a 2010

Stockholm Lindy Hop Open 1:a 2010

Al Minns Cup Jack n Jill Lindy hop 1:a 2010

Stockholm Lindy Hop Open 1:a 2009

Stockholm Lindy Hop Open1 2008

Stockholm Charleston Open 2008

San Fransisco Shag Jam 2008

Stockholm Shag Jam 2008

München Solo Charleston Challenge 2008



Old Golden members:

Daniel Wegan

Britta Norell

Anders Carlborg

Anders Sihlberg